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With Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White two, developer Game Freak has finally decided to stop beating around the bush and give us a”true” sequel rather than a Pokémon Platinum-esque expansion package. The show is better because of it also, even if the much touted emphasis on storytelling remains largely superfluous.

Place two years after the events of the first Pokémon Black and White, it has a new quiet protagonist, a new competitor, and a couple of fresh gym leaders. More importantly, you will find fresh Pokémon — should I say, old Pokémon. Unova is now rife with Pokémon from preceding generations — a welcome sight for all fans of this collection. It makes the world of Pokémon feel bigger and more linked than it is, making the Unova Pokémon feel as they’re”a part of their household.”

Disappointingly, the coming Pokémon aren’t the only familiar component. What a shame that Game Freak did not use this chance to experiment a bit with the formula and trim down the typical rote badge quest (or create it completely discretionary ). As a franchise, Pokémon can be at once really smart and innovative, and annoyingly put in its ways.

It bears mentioning that previous understanding of Pokémon Black and White isn’t essential for full pleasure of Black and White 2. It adds some context to the story, along with the Volume Effect-like ability to link up with the first game to add in various memories is neat, but otherwise they are relatively self-contained. Black and White 2 has got better and more Pokémon in the get-go, along with the story quickly becomes a distant memory once the Elite 4 are finished.follow the link At our site Better to cut to the chase and get to the great stuff early.

One thing that I really like about Black and White 2 over the first games is your newest post-game content. Not that there was any lack of bonus content in the first Black and White; I just prefer what the sequel offers. Among the coolest features is that the Pokémon World Tournament, which brings back most of the fitness leaders and winners in the first four generations to get a huge tournament. It makes for an enjoyable bit of nostalgia for those who have been enjoying since the start, and offers a tough challenge for anyone attempting to make it through all of the tournaments.

Also enjoyable is the Hollywood-like PokéStar Studios, that hearkens back to the competitions and musicals of previous games — one of my favorite features. In PokéStar Studios, you and your Pokémon follow with a script (with a little room for improvisation), after which you are rated by the movie-going crowd. It is the perfect challenge for my cherished Flareon, who’s currently rocking over twenty ribbons, and is now ready to be a movie star (if only I could give her a cool pair of sunglasses to finish the look).

Finally, Pokémon has in-game accomplishments now. Called”medals,” they could be earned by finishing tournaments, trading with other people, or simply buying a lot of things from the shop. It gets me that much more motivated to really dive in and attempt to fulfill my Pokédex for first time because Pokémon Fire Red (that, by the way, still boasts the very best and most attractive Pokedéx actually ).
Wandering the planet along with my Infernape in tow, so I am always struck by exactly how big the world of Pokémon continues to be. Through Wi-Fi features such as the Global Trade Service along with StreetPass-type components such as Join Avenue, where special shop vendors are inserted by passing different lovers, I’m more connected than ever. There really is a ridiculous sum to do after the limiters are off and you’ll be able to explore at your own leisure. I often wish I could simply skip the badge-collecting and get right down to the business of fighting in tournaments and amassing Pokémon. I suppose Game Freak has the newest players to think of though; and as tiresome as the effort has become for me personally, I envision the well-balanced challenge of the fitness center struggles and the varied selection of Pokémon will be a joy for first-timers.

Pokémon Black 2 and White two are apt to be the last of the fifth generation, that has been somewhat weaker than the excellent Diamond and Pearl installations, but has been able to stay so popular as ever. Now the Nintendo 3DS is currently in full blossom, another generation will surely be on its way soon, and Game Freak will have more resources than ever to expand its unique world. It’ll be intriguing to find out what they do with the built-in StreetPass tools along with the much-improved Wi-Fi. The AR-driven Pokémon Fantasy Twist — a paid minigame of types that can be found on the 3DS that integrates with Black and White two — has already offered a glimpse.

In the meantime, Pokémon Black two and White two feel as the”authentic” variations of Dark and White, considerably as Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum felt like the actual variations of their respective generations. It’s more Pokémon, better post-game content and, aside from some additional perks such as the aforementioned Memory Link, largely renders the initial games unnecessary. Whether coming fans must pick up Black and White 2, meanwhile, depends completely on if you’re burned out on Pokémon yet. The sequel is bigger and better than the original, but it’s still Pokémon. In mind, you know whether or not you’re all set to slog through the following eight badges and return to catching them all.

In my case, Pokémon Black and White 2 has given me a fresh outlook on the sequence. For the first time in many years, I’m all set to put aside the constant grind of raising the ideal monster and really delve deeper into what the world of Pokémon has to offer you. A universe that feels larger and more interesting than ever.