The Pensacola Bay Center | June 19, 2021

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Monica White

Monica Shantelle Evans-White is a local entrepreneur and business owner residing in Pensacola, Fl. Monica’s humble beginnings in the hair and beauty profession officially began in 2010 when she graduated from Pensacola State College (PSC), earning her cosmetology license, and embarking on her career as a professional stylist. Monica’s dreams and aspirations of owning her own salon came to fruition in 2016 with the opening of MoEv’s Salon and Beauty. Wanting to further incorporate her advocacy of self-care, Monica rebranded her salon and created Magenta Sky Salon in 2019 with the vision of providing a positive and relaxing place where women could build self-confidence through embracing their natural beauty and self care. In conjunction with the opening of Magenta Sky Salon, Monica has also launched a company, Magenta Roots Scalp Care. The Magenta Roots scalp and hair care products nourish and revitalize your scalp using all-natural ingredients to encourage a healthy scalp and hair growth. Being in the Cosmetology industry for over 10 years and she came across many people with scalp problems. Also suffering with her own scalp issues, she decided everyone dealing with scalp ailments needed a solution that wasn’t going to work against them but with them. In 2018 she began to formulate different products to help treat and improve scalp conditions. Monica created Magenta Roots and began to use them on clients and saw how their scalps improved. In 2019 she decided to launch it as an official business. Magenta roots is made up of all natural products with blends of essential oil’s Shea butter, rosewater and many other natural elements to treat, and sooth, and promote hair growth. Scalp Care is her passion and she has said, she will continue to help as many people as she can with my products. You can find more information on her website

Dr. Justine Williams Roper

Dr. Justine Roper PT, DPT is a pelvic floor physical therapist & certified women’s pelvic specialist. She has dedicated her life to offering innovative ways to heal her patients’ bodies of pain and other dysfunction through alternative methods. From sexual dysfunction to pelvic pain, many of her patients are impacted by both physical ailments as well as mental health issues. In addition to being a clinician, she is also a speaker who dedicates her time to promoting education and enlightenment on mental health disorders and begining a journey towards living a life of freedom after experiencing sexual trauma or abuse. She is the founder of InHer Physique Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy ,the only clinic that offers pelvic floor physical therapy services to all genders and ages, in the Florida Gulf Coast. She is also an adjunct instructor at the University of West Florida.

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